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May 29

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In the headlines today:

Bob Hope
 The intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street is renamed Bob Hope Square,
 as Hollywood celebrates comedian Bob Hope's 100th birthday.
 (photo credit: NARA)


2003Software maker Microsoft agrees to pay $750 million to Netscape web browser owner AOL Time Warner to settle a 2001 antitrust lawsuit.
1998Former Arizona senator Barry Goldwater dies at age 89.
1995Actor Christopher Reeve becomes paralyzed after being thrown from his horse.
1990Boris Yeltsin is elected president by the Russian parliament.
1985Thirty-five spectators die when rioting erupts at the European Cup soccer final in Brussels.
1978A 1 oz. letter costs 15-cents to mail today, as the US Postal Service raises the old rate by two cents.
1973Tom Bradley is elected the first black mayor of Los Angeles.
1962Buck O'Neil becomes the first black coach in major league baseball, accepting a job with the Chicago Cubs.
1954Actor Kirk Douglas marries Anne Buydens.
1953Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay are the first to climb to the summit of Mount Everest.
1942Actor John Barrymore dies in Hollywood at age 60.

Woodrow Wilson
 US president Woodrow Wilson orders the adoption of the Presidential flag.
 (photo credit: NARA)


1848Wisconsin becomes the 30th state to join the US.
1790  Rhode Island becomes the 13th colony to ratify the US Constitution.

Born today:
1975  Spice Girls: Forever (Virgin)  

Melanie 'Scary Spice' Brown - singer (Spice Girls)
(photo credit: Virgin Records US)

1969  Chan Kinchla - guitarist (Blues Traveler)

1967  Jay Ski McGowan - singer (Quad City DJ's)

1967  Noel Gallagher - guitarist (Oasis)

1963  Lisa Whelchel - actress

1961  Melissa Etheridge - singer, guitarist

1959  Rupert Everett - actor

1959  Adrian Paul - actor

1958  Annette Bening - actress; wife of actor Warren Beatty

1956  Larry Blackmon - drummer, singer (Cameo)

1956  LaToya Jackson - singer

1955  Mike Porcaro - rock bassist (Toto)

1953  Danny Elfman - singer, movie composer (Oingo Boingo)

1950  Rebbie (Maureen) Jackson - singer, sister of singer Michael Jackson

1947  Anthony Geary - actor

1945  Gary Brooker - singer, keyboardist (Procol Harum)

1942  Kevin Conway - actor

1941  Roy Crewsdon - guitarist (Freddie and The Dreamers)

1939  Al Unser, Sr. - race car driver (multiple Indy 500 wins)

1938  Fay Vincent - major league baseball commissioner

1925  Clifton James - actor

John F. Kennedy

1917  John F. Kennedy - 35th US president
 (photo credit: NARA)

1914  Stacy Keach, Sr. - actor, father of actor Stacy Keach

1903  Bob Hope - comedian, actor

1736  Patrick Henry - American patriot ("Give me liberty, or give me death!")



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