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May 24

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2007 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, the third movie in the popular Disney series, starring Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, makes its silver screen debut.

Taylor Hicks (J-Records ) 
Soul singer Taylor Hicks is announced winner of the fifth season of FOX-TV's American Idol reality show. R&B singer Katharine McPhee is runner-up.
(photo credit: J-Records)

1999 Thirty-nine miners are killed when an underground gas pocket explodes in the Ukraine.
1994 The four men convicted in the World Trade Center bombing are each sentenced to 240 years in prison.
1993 Eritrea declares its independence from Ethiopia.
1980 Iran rejects a request by the World Court in The Hague to release the American hostages.
1976 The Concorde supersonic jetliner begins transatlantic service between England and France to Washington, DC. Flight time is just under four hours.
1962 NFL owners agree to reduce the halftime of regular season football games to 15 minutes.
1958 United Press International is formed through a merger of the United Press and the International News Service.
1941 The German battleship Bismarck sinks the British dreadnought Hood in the North Atlantic, during WWII.
1935 The first night major league baseball game is played under the lights at Crosley Field in Cincinnati, as the Cincinnati Reds beat Philadelphia 2-1.
1931 The B&O (Baltimore and Ohio) Railroad line begins air-conditioned train service between New York City and Washington, DC.
1928 The dirigible Italia crosses the North Pole.
1899 The first auto repair shop opens in Boston.
1883 The Brooklyn Bridge, linking the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan, opens to traffic.
1881 The Canadian ferry Princess Victoria sinks near London, Ontario, killing 200 passengers.
1844 Samuel F.B. Morse opens America's first telegraph line between Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland, with the message "What hath God wrought?"
1830   The first US passenger railroad begins service between Baltimore and Elliott's Mills, Maryland.

Born today:

1969  Rich Robinson - rock guitarist (The Black Crowes)

1955  Roseanne Cash - singer

1953  Alfred Molina - actor

1945  Priscilla Presley - actress, wife of Elvis Presley

1944  Bob Leduc - hockey player

Patti LaBelle (MCA Records)

1944  Patti LaBelle - singer
 (photo credit: MCA Records)

1943  Gary Burghoff - actor

1942  Derek Quinn - guitarist (Freddie and the Dreamers)

Bob Dylan (Legacy Recordings)

1941  Bob Dylan - singer/songwriter
 (photo credit: Legacy Recordings)

1938  Tommy Chong - comedian, actor

1937  Tim Brown - football running back

1887  Mick Mannock - British flying ace (WWI)

1816  Emanuel Leutze - artist

1473  Nicolaus Copernicus - astronomer


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