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May 19

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2005The motion picture Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith, directed by George Lucas, opens at theatres worldwide.
1973Jockey Ron Turcotte rides Secretariat to victory at the Preakness Stakes in Baltimore, MD.
Did you know? Secretariat also won the Kentucky Derby and later won at Belmont, completing the coveted horse racing 'Triple Crown.'

1971Poet Ogden Nash dies at his home in Baltimore, MD, at age 69.
1964Forty hidden microphones are discovered inside the US embassy in Moscow.
1943British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, in an address to the US Congress, pledges full support in the war against Japan.
1935T.E. Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, dies in England from injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash.
1911Caesar Cella, of New York City, becomes the first person to be convicted of a crime by fingerprint evidence.
1906The Federated Boys Clubs, later to become the Boys Club of America, is organized.
1846Robert Bailey Thomas, founder of The Farmers' Almanac, dies.
1643Delegates from four New England colonies meet in Boston to form a confederation.
1536  Anne Boleyn, second wife of England's King Henry VIII, is beheaded for adultery.

Born today:

1972  Jenny Berggren - singer (Ace of Base)

1962  Iain Harvie - rock guitarist (Del Amitri)

1956  Martyn Ware - keyboardist (Human League)

1956  Steve Ford - actor, son of US president Gerald Ford

1954  Philip Rudd - rock drummer (AC/DC)

1952  The Ramones (Rhino/WEA)  

Joey Ramone - singer (The Ramones)
(photo credit: Rhino/WEA)

1952  Grace Jones - singer, actress

1949  Archie Manning - NFL quarterback

1949  Dusty Hill - bassist, singer (ZZ Top)

1945  Pete Townshend - rock guitarist, singer (The Who)

1941  Nora Ephron - author

1939  Francis 'Dick' Scobee - Commander of NASA space shuttle Challenger

1939  Nancy Kwan - actress

1939  James Fox - actor

1935  David Hartman - TV host, actor

1934  James Lehrer - author, TV host

1930  Lorraine Hansberry - playwright

1929  Curt Simmons - baseball player

1928  Dolph Schayes - basketball player, coach

1928  Gil McDougald - baseball player

1925  Malcolm X - civil rights activist

1906  Bruce Bennett - actor

1890  Ho Chi Mihn - North Vietnamese leader

1800  Sarah Peale - artist



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