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May 13

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1989  Thousands of students stage a hunger strike in China's Tiananmen Square.
1985Singer/songwriter Bruce Springsteen marries actress Julianne Phillips.
1984The Fantasticks breaks a record for the longest-running musical, during its 10,000th performance at the Sullivan Theatre in New York City.
1983Reggie Jackson becomes the first major league baseball player to strike out 2,000 times.
1975Western swing bandleader Bob Wills (Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys) dies at age 70 in Fort Worth, Texas.
1970The Beatles' movie, Let It Be, premieres.
1967Mickey Mantle becomes the seventh player in major league baseball history to hit 500 career home runs.
1961Film actor Gary Cooper dies at age 60 in Hollywood.
1924Actress Marlene Dietrich marries Rudolf Sieber.
1918The first US air mail postage stamps are issued.
1830Ecuador gains its independence from Colombia.
1572Gregory XIII (Hugo Buoncompagne) is elected Pope.

Born today:

1979  Prince Carl Philip - Duke of Värmland (Sweden)

1979  Michael Madden - bassist (Maroon 5)

1964  Lorraine McIntosh - singer (Deacon Blue)

1961  Dennis Rodman - basketball player, actor

1951  Paul Thompson - drummer (Roxy Music)

1950  Bobby Valentine - baseball player, manager

1950  Stevie Wonder - singer, multi-instrumentalist

1949  Franklyn Ajaye - actor

1947  Overend Watts - rock bassist (Mott the Hoople)

1946  Danny Klein - bassist (J. Geils Band)

1943  Mary Wells - singer

1941  Ritchie Valens - singer

1939  Harvey Keitel - actor

1933  Johnny Roseboro - baseball catcher

1927  Herbert Ross - film director

1926  Bea Arthur - actress

1914  Joe Louis - heavyweight boxing champ (1937-1949)

1914  Johnny Wright - country singer

1911  Maxine Sullivan - singer

1842  Sir Arthur Sullivan - operetta composer (Gilbert and Sullivan)


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