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May 11

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2003Noel Redding, bassist for the Jimi Hendrix Experience power rock trio, dies at his Ireland home at age 57.
1996110 passengers and crew perish when a ValuJet DC-9 jetliner crashes in the Everglades near Miami, Florida.
198550 fans are killed as fire races through a crowded soccer stadium in Bradford, England.
1981  Reggae singer/guitarist Bob Marley dies in Miami at age 36.
1963L.A. Dodgers lefty pitcher Sandy Koufax hurls a no-hitter.
1949Israel is admitted to the United Nations.
1949Siam changes its name to Thailand.
1947The tubeless automobile tire is announced by the B.F. Goodrich company.
1946The first packages from the Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe, or CARE, arrive in Europe at Le Havre, France.
(Uncle Woody sez: Baby boomers still use the term 'CARE package' to denote relief from an unexpected source.)

1944Allied forces launch a major offensive in central Italy, during WWII.
1910Glacier National Park is established (Montana, USA).
1858Minnesota becomes the 32nd state to join the US.
1779John Hart, signer of the Declaration of Independence, dies.
1647Peter Stuyvesant arrives in New Amsterdam to become governor.

Born today:

1963  Natasha Richardson - actress, daughter of Vanessa Redgrave

1959  Martha Quinn - MTV veejay

1946  Robert Jarvik - Jarvik artificial heart inventor

1943  Les Chadwick - bassist (Gerry and The Pacemakers)

1941  Eric Burdon - singer (The Animals, War)

1938  Doug McClure - actor

1927  Mort Sahl - comedian

1920  Denver Pyle - actor

1912  Phil Silvers - comedian, actor

1904  Salvadore Dali - artist

1888  Irving Berlin - composer


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