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May 7

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:

2005Giacomo, a longshot at 50-1 odds, wins the Kentucky Derby.
2000Vladimir Putin becomes president of Russia.
2000Actor Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. dies in New York at age 90.
1999Three people are killed when the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia, is mistakenly targeted by NATO warplanes.
1963The communications satellite Telstar II is launched.
1945Germany signs an unconditional surrender at Allied headquarters in Reheime, France (to take effect the next day), ending the European theatre of WWII.
1945The US Negro baseball League is established.
1939Italy and Germany announce a political and military alliance.
1915Nearly 1200 people are killed when the British liner Lusitania is sunk off the Irish coast bya German torpedo.
1891The first successful photographs of solar flares are taken.
1847City College of New York is chartered.
1800Indiana becomes a US territory separate from the Ohio Territory.

George Washington
 The first US inaugural ball is held in New York to honor President and Mrs. George
 (photo credit: NARA)


1724  Catherine I is crowned Empress-consort of Russia.

Born today:

1965  Chris O'Connor - singer (Primitive Radio Gods)

1969  Traci Lords - actress

1961  Phil Campbell - rock guitarist (Mötorhead)

1950  Tim Russert - NBC-TV news reporter

1933  Johnny Unitas - football quarterback, Hall of Famer

1930  Totie Fields - comedienne

1929  Dick Williams - baseball player, manager

1927  Jim Lowe - radio DJ (WNEW)

1923  Anne Baxter - actress

1922  Darren McGavin - actor

1901  Gary Cooper - actor (Oscar® winner: 1941, 1952)

1892  Archibald MacLeish - poet

1885  Gabby Hayes - actor

1840  Peter Tchaikovsky - composer

1833  Johannes Brahms - composer

1812  Robert Browning - poet



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