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In the headlines today:
1998   Former Black Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver dies in Pomona, California, at age 62.
1991 Oakland A's outfielder Rickey Henderson steals his major league record-setting 939th base during a game against the NY Yankees.
1971 Amtrak, the US passenger railroad system that combines the operations of 18 intercity railroads, goes into service.

Elvis: The 50 Greatest Love Songs
Elvis Presley marries Priscilla Beaulieu in Las Vegas.
(photo credit: BMG)

1960 CIA agent Francis Gary Powers, piloting an American U-2 reconnaissance plane, is shot down over the Soviet Union near Sverdiovsk.
1941 Orson Welles stars in Citizen Kane, premiering today in New York, NY.
1931 The 102-story Empire State Building is dedicated in New York City.
1901 The Pan-American Exposition opens in Buffalo, NY.
1898 Admiral George Dewey, in command of the US Navy, wins a decisive victory against the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War. ("You may fire when ready, Gridley.")
1893 The Chicago World's Fair (World Columbian Exposition) opens.
1883 Buffalo Bill Cody hosts his first Wild West Show.
1867 The Treaty of London is signed, guaranteeing the neutrality of Luxembourg.
1815 Georgetown University is founded in Washington, DC.
1786 Wolfgang Mozart premieres his opera, The Marriage of Figaro, in Vienna.

Born today:

1967  Tim McGraw - country singer (husband of singer Faith Hill)

1966  Johnny Colt - bassist (The Black Crowes)

1962  Bobcat Goldthwait - comedian, actor

1960  Steve Cauthen - jockey

1959  Phil Smith - sax player (Haircut 100)

1957  Steve Farris - guitarist (Mr. Mister)

1954  Ray Parker, Jr. - singer, guitarist

1947  Jerry Heard - golfer

1946  Nick Fortune - bassist (The Buckinghams)

1945  Rita Coolidge - singer

1940  Bobbie Ann Mason - author

1939  Judy Collins - singer

1929  Sonny James - singer

1925  Scott Carpenter - US astronaut

1923  Joseph Heller- author (Catch 22)

1922  Julian Goodman - NBC TV executive

1919  Harry Caray - sportscaster

1919  John Meredyth Lucas - TV/movie screenwriter (Star Trek, Mannix, The Six Million Dollar Man)

1918  Jack Paar - former Tonight Show host

1916  Glenn Ford - actor

1909  Kate Smith - singer

1825  George Inness - artist



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