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April 29

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1992Rioting breaks out after four Los Angeles policemen are acquitted of assaulting black motorist Rodney King.

Full Moon Fever by Tom Petty (MCA)
 Tom Petty's Full Moon Fever album is released on MCA.
 (Photo credit: MCA)


1986Boston Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens sets a major league baseball record by striking out 20 batters, as the BoSox beat the Seattle Mariners, 3-2.
1983Harold Washington is sworn in as the first black mayor of Chicago.
1975North Vietnamese forces fight their way into Saigon, forcing the US to evacuate its embassy staff.

Richard M. Nixon
 US president Richard Nixon announces he is releasing edited transcripts of secret White
 House recordings about the Watergate break-in.
 (photo credit: NARA)


1968The rock musical Hair moves from Greenwich Village to Broadway.
1965NASA launches the Explorer 27 satellite to study the Earth's gravity.
1961Wide World of Sports makes its first appearance on the ABC-TV network.
1954India formally recognizes Tibet as part of Red China.
1945Adolf Hitler marries Eva Braun; Admiral Karl Doenitz is named Hitler's successor.
1862New Orleans, Louisiana, falls to Union forces during the US Civil War.
1861  Maryland votes against seceding from the Union, during the US Civil War.

Born today:

1970  Andre Agassi - tennis champ

1970  Uma Thurman - actress

1968  Carnie Wilson - singer (Wilson Phillips)

1958  Eve Plumb - actress (The Brady Bunch)

1957  Michelle Pfeiffer - actress

1957  Daniel Day-Lewis - actor (Oscar® winner, 1989)

1955  Jerry Seinfeld - comedian, actor

1955  Kate Mulgrew - actress

1949  Francis Rossi - guitarist, singer (Status Quo)

1947  Tommy James - singer (Tommy James and The Shondells)

1947  Jim Ryun - runner (broke four-minute mile)

1947  Johnny Miller - golf champ

1944  Jim Hart - NFL quarterback

1943  Duane Allen - singer (Oak Ridge Boys)

1933  Rod McKuen - singer, poet

1931  Lonnie Donegan - skiffle singer, guitarist (major influence on The Beatles)

1927  Carl Gardner - singer (The Coasters)

1925  Danny Davis - bandleader (Nashville Brass)

1922  George Allen - football coach, sportscaster

1919  Celeste Holm - actress (Oscar® winner, 1947)

1915  Donald Mills - singer (The Mills Brothers)

1912  Richard Carlson - actor

1901  Hirohito - Japanese Emperor during WWII

1899  Duke Ellington - jazz musician

1863  William Randolph Hearst - newspaper publisher


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