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April 22 (Earth Day)

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2000   Cuban refugee Elian Gonzalez is reunited with his father near Washington, DC, after being forcibly removed from his aunt's home in Miami by federal agents earlier that morning.
1996 Homemaker and columnist Erma Bombeck dies in San Francisco at age 69.

Richard M. Nixon
 Former US president Richard M. Nixon dies of a stroke in New York at age 81.
 (photo credit: NARA)


1993 The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, is dedicated.
1990 American Robert Polhill, held hostage for more than three years by pro-Iranian kidnappers in Lebanon, is freed.
1970 The first Earth Day is celebrated.

Elvis: The 50 Greatest Love Songs
Singer Elvis Presley headlines at Las Vegas for the first time, on the strength of his number one hit, Heartbreak Hotel.
(photo credit: BMG)

1914 Babe Ruth makes his pro baseball pitching debut.
1889 The Oklahoma Land Rush begins, as thousands of settlers race to stake their claim to unoccupied land in the Oklahoma Territory.
Uncle Woody sez: Some people jumped the gun, occupying land before the gun went off at noon. These people were nicknamed "sooners". The name is still used today.

1876 The eight professional baseball teams comprising the National League begin their first, 70-game season.
1864 The motto In God We Trust is required on all US coins minted as legal tender.
1509 Henry VIII becomes King of England, upon the death of his father, Henry VII.

Born today:

1979  Daniel Johns - guitarist, singer (Silverchair)

1951  Ace Frehley - rock guitarist (KISS)

1950  Peter Frampton - rock guitarist, singer

1949  Spencer Haywood - basketball player (Olympic gold medal 1968)

1943  Mel Carter - singer, actor

1937  Jack Nicholson - actor (Oscar® winner 1975, '83, '97)

1936  Glen Campbell - singer, guitarist

1925  Aaron Spelling - TV show producer

1922  Charles Mingus - jazz bassist, pianist

1920  Hal March - TV game show host

1908  Eddie Albert - actor

1904  John Oppenheimer - physicist (built first atomic bomb)

1870  Nikolai Lenin - Russian premier

1707  Henry Fielding - author

1451  Isabella I - Queen of Spain



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