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April 20

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In the headlines today:
1999   12 students at Columbine High School in Littleton, CO, are killed when two classmates open fire with rifles and handguns.
1987 Starlight Express, a musical featuring actors and actresses wearing rollerskates, produced the best-ever opening week box office gross in Broadway history: just over $600,000.
1978 Two are killed when a Korean Air Lines Boeing 707 makes an emergency landing in Russia after being fired on by Soviet fighters for violating Russian airspace.
1972 The Apollo 16 lunar module lands on the surface of the moon.
1971 The US Supreme Court upheld the practice of busing school students to achieve racial desegregation.
1968 Pierre Trudeau becomes prime minister of Canada.
1961 The FCC grants FM radio stations in the US permission to broadcast in stereo.

Robert Stack  
Robert Stack stars in The Untouchables, premiering on the CBS-TV show Desilu Playhouse. Stack reprised his role five months later when The Untouchables became a series of its own.
(photo credit: Autographs Inc.)

1940 The electron microscope is demonstrated for the media by scientists from RCA.
1939 The New York World's Fair opens.
1934 Shirley Temple's movie debut, Stand Up and Cheer, premieres in New York City.
1931 Welland Canal, connecting Lakes Erie and Ontario, opens.
1904 The Louisiana Purchase Exposition opens in St. Louis, MO.
1902 The radioactive element radium is isolated by Pierre and Marie Curie.
1836 Wisconsin becomes a US territory.
1832 Congress establishes the first US national park, Hot Springs National Park, in Arkansas.

Born today:

1976  Joey Lawrence - actor

1972  Carmen Electra - actress

1959  Clint Howard - actor

1958  Denis Leary - actor

1951  Luther Vandross - singer

1949  Jessica Lange - actress (Oscar® winner, 1982)

1948  Craig Frost - keyboardist (Grand Funk Railroad)

1947  David Leland - actor

1945  Jimmy Winston - keyboardist (Small Faces)

1945  Steve Spurrier - football player (Heisman Trophy winner, 1966)

1945  Michael Brandon - actor

1941  Ryan O'Neal - actor

1939  George Takei - actor (Sulu on Star Trek)

1926  Elena Verdugo - actress

1925  Tito Puente - jazz bandleader

1924  Nina Foch - actress

1893  Joan Miro - artist

1889  Adolf Hitler - German Nazi leader

1889  Harold Lloyd - comedian, actor

1850  Daniel French - Lincoln Memorial sculptor



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