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April 19

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2000 131 people are killed when an Air Philippines Boeing 737 crashes in the southern Philippines.
1995 169 people are killed when the P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is destroyed by a car bomb planted by terrorist Timothy McVeigh.
1993 86 people die when the David Koresh-led Branch Dividian compound burns to the ground, ending a 51-day stalemate between the cult and federal BATF agents in Waco, TX.
1989 A gun turret explodes aboard the naval vessel USS Iowa, killing 47 of the crew.
1968 Cosmos 215 is launched to perform Russian astronomy studies.
1956 Actress Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

Douglas Macarthur (Lerner Biographies)   
US Army General Douglas MacArthur makes a speech before Congress with this memorable line: "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away."
(photo credit: Lerner Publications)

1948 Burma and Myanmar join the United Nations.
1937 Spanish President Francisco Franco sets up his government on a one-party system.
1897 John McDermott of New York wins the first annual Boston Marathon.
1882 Naturalist Charles Darwin dies near London, England, at age 73.
1839 The Treaty of London is signed, making Belgium and Holland separate countries.
1824 Poet Lord Byron (George Gordon) dies in Greece of malaria at age 36.
1775   The battles of Concord and Lexington take place, beginning the American Revolution.

Born today:

1969  Jesse James - West Coast Choppers owner, husband of actress Sandra Bullock

Ashley Judd

 Ashley Judd - actress

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1947  Mark 'Flo' Volman - singer, sax player (The Turtles, Flo and Eddy)

1946  Tim Curry - actor

1943  Eve Graham - singer (The New Seekers)

1942  Alan Price - keyboardist (The Animals)

1942  Larry Ramos, Jr. - guitarist (The Association)

1936  Wilfried Martens - prime minister of Belgium

1935  Dudley Moore - actor

1933  Dick Sargent - actor

1932  Jayne Mansfield - actress

1930  Hugh O'Brian - actor

1927  Don Adams - actor (Get Smart)

1927  Don Barbour - singer (The Four Freshmen)

1793  Ferdinand I - Emperor of Austria

1772  David Ricardo - economist

1721  Roger Sherman - Declaration of Independence signer



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