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April 18

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2003Mathematician Edgar Codd, inventor of the relational database, dies at age 79 at his Florida home.
1999Hockey great Wayne Gretzky plays in his final NHL game.
1996Israeli artillery accidentally hits a UN relief camp, killing 91 Lebanese refugees.

Richard M. Nixon
 Former US president Richard M. Nixon suffers a stroke; he would die four days later.
 (photo credit: NARA)


1960The 3M company buys the Mutual Broadcasting System for a mere $1,25 billion.
1955Physicist Albert Einstein dies in Princeton, New Jersey, at age 76.
1954Gamal Abdul Nasser becomes Premier of Egypt.
1949Ireland proclaims itself a republic.
1946The League of Nations is abolished, with its assets going to the United Nations.
1932Ford introduces the last of its original, 4-cylinder cars, the Model B.
192374,000 fans watch the first baseball game played at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, NY.
1906A disastrous earthquake and fire ravages San Francisco.
1861Union troops evacuate Harper's Ferry, VA, during the US Civil War.
1775  American patriot Paul Revere begins his famous ride from Boston, Massachusetts, to Concord, New Hampshire, warning Colonists of the advancing British.

Born today:

1976  Melissa Joan Hart - actress

1963  Conan O'Brien - talk show host

1956  Eric Roberts - actor (brother of actress Julia Roberts)

1956  John James - actor

1954  Rick Moranis - actor

1947  James Woods - actor

1947  Dorothy Lyman - actress

1946  Alexander Spence - guitarist, singer (Moby Grape)

1946  Hayley Mills - actress

1942  Pete Gogolak - football place kicker (first NFL soccer-style kicker)

1942  Steve Blass - baseball pitcher

1941  Mike Vickers - guitarist (Manfred Mann)

1937  Robert Hooks - actor

1924  Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown - blues singer

1922  Barbara Hale - actress

1918  Tony Mottola - guitarist

1882  Leopold Stokowski - conductor

1857  Clarence Darrow - attorney



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