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April 15

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1998  Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot dies in exile at age 73.
1990Actress Greta Garbo dies in New York City at age 84.
198995 people are killed during a stampede of soccer fans at Hillsborough Stadium in England.
1986A US air assault is launched against Libya in retaliation for a Berlin disco bombing ten days earlier.
1955Ray Kroc opens the first McDonald's hamburger restaurant (Des Plaines, IL).
1920Sacco and Vanzetti are accused of murder in Braintree, MA.
19121500 lives are lost as the luxury liner Titanic sinks to the bottom of the ocean after striking an iceberg some three hours earlier.
1900The International Exposition (World's Fair) opens in Paris.
1865US president Abraham Lincoln dies from a gunshot wound from his assassin, John Wilkes Booth.
1850San Francisco, California, is incorporated as a city.
1450The French defeat the English at Formigny, during the 100 Years' War.

Born today:

1968  Ed O'Brien - guitarist, singer (Radiohead)

1966  Samantha Fox - singer

1966  Graeme Clark - bassist (Wet Wet Wet)

1959  Emma Thompson - actress (Academy award, 1992)

1957  Evelyn Ashford - track and field Gold medalist

1951  Heloise Cruse Evans - author (Hints from Heloise)

1950  Amy Wright - actress

1944  Dave Edmunds - singer, guitarist

1942  Julie Sommars - actress

1942  Walt Hazzard - basketball player

1940  Willie Davis - baseball player

1939  Claudia Cardinale - actress

1933  Roy Clark - country musician, singer

1933  Elizabeth Montgomery - actress

1933  Mel Kenyon - auto racer

1922  Harold Washington - Chicago mayor

1917  Hans Conried - actor

1894  Bessie Smith - blues singer

1843  Henry James - author

1800  Sir James Clark Ross - Polar explorer

1741  Charles Peale - painter

1646  Christian V - King of Denmark

1452  Leonardo da Vinci - artist



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