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April 7

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2007 Artist Johnny Hart, creator of the 'B.C.' newspaper comic strip, dies at his Albany, New York, home at age 76.

Paul McCartney: McCartney II (EMI)  
Paul McCartney buys a 1930s-era, four-bedroom Beverly Hills home from rock singer Courtney Love for nearly $4 million.
(photo credit: EMI)

1990   158 passengers and crew are killed when fire breaks out aboard a Norway-to-Denmark ferry.
1963 Jack Nicklaus becomes the youngest golfer ever to win the Masters Tournament, at age 23.
1959 Electric power is generated by atomic energy for the first time (Los Alamos, New Mexico).
1955 West Germany is granted sovereignty.
1948 The World Health Organization is organized.
1947 Auto maker Henry Ford dies in Dearborn, MI, at age 83.
1933 Beer and wine become legal beverages in the US, ending 13 years of Prohibition.
1900 Artist Frederic Church dies.
1891 Showman P.T. Barnum dies. ("Never give a sucker an even break!")
1862 Union troops defeat the Confederates at the Battle of Shiloh (TN) during the US Civil War.
1827 The first friction matches are sold in England.
1798 Mississippi becomes a US territory.
1614 The artist known as El Greco (Domenico Theotocopuli) dies.
     30  Jesus Christ is crucified.

Born today:

1975  Spice Girls: Forever (Virgin)  

Victoria Adams Beckham - singer (Spice Girls)
(photo credit: Virgin Records US)

1964  Russell Crowe - actor

1964  Mark Kibble - singer (Take 6)

1960  Buster Douglas - heavyweight boxing champ

1954  Jackie Chan - actor

1954  Tony Dorsett - pro football Hall of Famer

1952  Bruce Gary - drummer (The Knack)

1951  Janis Ian - singer

1949  John Oates - singer (Hall and Oates)

1943  Mick Abrahams - rock guitarist (Jethro Tull)

1943  Spencer Dryden - rock drummer (Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship)

1939  David Frost - TV talk show host

1939  Francis Ford Coppola - film director

1935  Bobby Bare - country singer

1932  Wayne Rogers - actor (M*A*S*H)

1931  Daniel Ellsberg - author

1928  James Garner - actor

1920  Ravi Shankar - sitar player (taught George Harrison)

1915  Billie Holiday - jazz singer

1908  Percy Faith - bandleader, composer

1897  Walter Winchell - radio and newspaper journalist

1786  William King - 13th US Vice President



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