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April 2

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:

Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II dies in Rome at age 84.
(photo credit: NARA)


Zombies: Best of the 60s (Disky Records)  
Paul Atkinson, guitarist for The Zombies, dies of kidney failure in Santa Monica, California, at age 58.
(photo credit: Disky Records)

2000 Keizo Obuchi, Japan's Prime Minister, suffers a major stroke.
1996 New York's ban on doctor-assisted suicides is struck down by a federal appeals court.
1986 An explosion aboard a TWA flight from Rome to Athens kills four Americans.
1982 Argentine troops capture the Falkland Islands from Britain.
1974 French president Georges Pompidou dies in Paris.
1956 The soap opera As the World Turns debuts on CBS TV.
1925 Oklahoma adopts its state flag.
1917 German zeppelins stage an air raid on Edinburgh, Scotland, during WWI.

Woodrow Wilson  
US president Woodrow Wilson requests Congress to support him in declaring war on Germany.
(photo credit: NARA)

1902 The Electric Theatre, the first movie house in Los Angeles, opens for business.
1889 Charles Hall receives a patent for his aluminum manufacturing process.
1872 Telegraph developer Samuel F.B. Morse dies in New York.
1865 Confederate president Jefferson Davis flees the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia, during the US Civil War.
1792 Congress passes legislation authorizing the US Mint.
1770 American colonists reject all British duties except the tea tax.
1513 Juan Ponce de Leon, Spanish explorer in search of the legendary Fountain of Youth, lands in Florida.
  999   Sylvester II is elected Pope.

Born today:

1961  Keren Woodward - singer (Bananarama)

1953  Debralee Scott - actress

1952  Leon Wilkeson - rock bassist (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

1949  Pamela Reed - actress

1947  Emmylou Harris - singer-songwriter

1945  Linda Hunt - actress

1945  Don Sutton - baseball pitcher, sportscaster

1945  Reggie Smith - baseball player

1943  Larry Coryell - jazz guitarist

1941  Leon Russell - singer

1939  Marvin Gaye: Gold (Motown)  

Marvin Gaye - R&B singer
(photo credit: Motown)

1924  Bobby Avila - baseball player

1920  Jack Webb - actor, director (Dragnet)

1918  Charles White - artist

1914  Sir Alec Guinness - actor

1912  Herbert Mills - singer (The Mills Brothers)

1908  Buddy Ebsen - actor

1875  Walter Chrysler - car manufacturer

1844  George Putnam - publisher

1840  Emile Zola - author

1834  Frederic Bartholdi - sculptor (Statue of Liberty creator)

1805  Hans Christian Andersen - children's author

  727  Charlemagne - first Holy Roman Emperor



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