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March 28

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1996   Congress grants line-item veto powers to the US president.
1986 A worldwide chain of 6,000 radio stations simultaneously broadcast the song We are the World to raise awareness for African hunger relief.
1979 The Three Mile Island nuclear plant (Middleton, PA) suffers a near-critical malfunction.

Dwight D. Eisenhower 1953 - 1961: (The American Presidents Series)
Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th president of the US, dies at age 78.
(photo credit: Times Books)


The Beatles: Sergeant Pepper (Capitol Records)
The Beatles record lead vocal tracks for Good Morning Good Morning, a song that will ultimately appear on their Sergeant Pepper album, at EMI Studios in London.
(photo credit: Capitol Records)

1963 The New York Titans pro football team changes its name to the New York Jets.
1958 Blues composer W.C. Handy dies.
1942 The British launch a devastating air attack on Lubeck, Germany, during WWII.
1941 Author Virginia Woolf dies in England.
1939 Madrid falls to troops loyal to Francisco Franco, ending the Spanish Civil War.
1925 The Nebraska state flag is adopted.
1854 England and France declare war on Russia, during the Crimean War.
1802 The Pallas asteroid is discovered.
1797 The first washing machine is granted a US patent.

Born today:

1964  Salt - rap singer (Salt-N-Pepa)

1954  Reba McEntire - country singer, actress

1948  Milan Williams - multi-instrumentalist (The Commodores)

1948  Dianne Wiest - actress

1945  Chuck Portz - bassist (The Turtles)

1944  Rick Barry - NBA basketball player

1944  Ken Howard - actor

1942  Jerry Sloan - NBA basketball player, coach

1941  Jim Turner - football player

1921  Dirk Bogarde - actor

1899  August Busch - beer maker, St. Louis Cardinals owner

1483  Raphael - Italian artist



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