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March 26

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2004William Jan Berry, of the surf music duo Jan & Dean, dies at age 62 in Los Angeles.
2000  American Beauty picks up the Academy Award for Best Picture.
2000The Russian people elect Vladimir Putin as their president.
1999Dr. Jack Kevorkian is found guilty of second degree murder for euthanizing a patient suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease.
1997The bodies of 39 Heaven's Gate cult members are discovered in California.
1996Edmund Muskie, former US senator, secretary of state, and VP hopeful, dies in Washington DC, at age 81.
1971East Pakistan becomes the independent nation of Bangladesh.
1961Russia recovers the capsule from Sputnik 10, along with its dogmonaut inhabitant. Woof, woof, comrades!
1953Dr. Jonas Salk announces a vaccine for polio.
1923Actress Sarah Bernhardt dies.
1918Claude Debussy, French composer, dies.
1892Poet Walt Whitman dies in Camden, New Jersey.
1827Composer Ludwig von Beethoven dies in Vienna.
1821Canada's Northwest Company and Hudson's Bay Company merge.
1804Louisiana becomes a US territory.
1649John Winthrop, first governor of Massachusetts colony, dies.

Born today:

1968  James Iha - rock guitarist (Smashing Pumpkins)

1962  John Stockton - basketball player

1960  Marcus Allen - football player, 1981 Heisman Trophy winner

1960  Jennifer Grey - actress

1957  Leeza Gibbons - TV host

1950  Ronnie McDowell - country singer

1950  Teddy Pendergrass - singer

1949  Fran Sheehan - rock bassist (Boston)

1950  Martin Short - actor, comedian

1949  Vicki Lawrence - singer, actress

1948  Richard Tandy - bassist (Electric Light Orchestra)

1948  Steven Tyler - rock singer (Aerosmith)

1944  Diana Ross - singer

1943  Bob Woodward - journalist, author

1942  Erica Jong - author

1940  Braulio Baeza - jockey

1940  James Caan - actor

1934  Alan Arkin - actor

1932  Dick Nolan - football player, NFL coach

1931  Leonard Nimoy - actor, director (Star Trek)

1930  Sandra Day O'Connor - US Supreme Court Justice

1923  Bob Elliott - comedian (Bob and Ray)

1916  Sterling Hayden - actor

1914  William Westmoreland - US Army General

1911  Tennessee Williams - playwright

1875  Robert Frost - poet

1859  A. E. Housman - poet



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