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March 25

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2001   Gladiator wins the Oscar® for Best Picture at the 73rd annual Academy Awards.
1996 The US Treasury Department places the newly redesigned $100 bill into circulation.
1996 Braveheart wins the Oscar® for best picture at the Academy Awards.
1991 Dances With Wolves wins the Oscar® for Best Picture.
1990 A fire destroys an illegal social club in New York City, killing 87 immigrants.
1975 Saudi Arabia's King Faisal is assassinated by his nephew.
1965 A four-day civil rights march reaches Selma, AL.
1961 Russia launches Sputnik 10, carrying a dog into earth orbit.
1954 RCA begins producing color television sets for the home market.
1954 From Here to Eternity wins the Oscar® for Best Picture.

Douglas Macarthur (Lerner Biographies)   
US Army General Douglas MacArthur threatens China with air and naval attacks during the Korean War.
(photo credit: Lerner Publications)

1950 Frank Buck, naturalist and animal collector, dies.
1947 Over a hundred coal miners are killed during an underground explosion and fire in Centralia, IL.
1924 The Greek monarchy is exiled by the Greek Assembly (Greek Independence Day).
1918 Composer Claude Debussy dies in Paris.
1911 A fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory claims the lives of 146 immigrant workers.
1899 Baron de Reuter, news agency founder, dies.
1865 Confederate troops capture Fort Stedman, Virginia, during the US Civil War.
1687 The Episcopal Church is established in Boston's Old South Meeting House.
1668 First recorded horse race in US (Hempstead, NY). And they're off...
1634 Lord Calvert's colonists land in MAryland.
1584 The first American colonists set sail from England.
1555 Valencia, Venezuela, is founded.
  708 Constantine is elected Pope of the Roman Catholic church.

Born today:

1984  Katharine McPhee - R&B singer (2006 American Idol runner-up)

1975  Melanie Blatt - singer (All Saints)

1967  Debi Thomas - Olympic figure skater

1966  Jeff Healey - singer, guitarist

1965  Sarah Jessica Parker - actress

1961  John Stockwell - actor

1953  Mary Gross - actress

1951  Maisie Williams - singer (Boney M)

1949  Nick Lowe - singer

1948  Bonnie Bedelia - actress

1947  Elton John - singer

1943  Paul Michael Glaser - actor, director

1942  Aretha Franklin - singer

1940  Anita Bryant - singer

1938  Hoyt Axton - singer, songwriter

1935  Johnny Burnette - singer

1934  Gloria Steinem - feminist, author

1932  Gene Shalit - movie critic

1928  James Lovell - astronaut

1922  Eileen Ford - modeling agency founder

1921  Queen Alexandria of Yugoslavia

1920  Howard Cosell - attorney, sportscaster

1901  Ed Begley, Sr. - actor

1867  Arturo Toscanini - orchestra conductor

1133  Henry II - King of England



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