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March 23

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1998  Titanic joins Ben-Hur as the only other movie to win 11 Oscars at the Academy Awards.
1996Taiwan holds its first open presidential election, with incumbent Lee Teng-hui winning the popular vote.
1985Singer Billy Joel marries supermodel Christie Brinkley in New York City.
1983Dr. Barney Clark, implanted with a permanent artificial heart, dies 112 days after the operation.
1973The NBC TV game show Concentration is seen for the last time, after 15 years on the air.

The Beatles: Sergeant Pepper (Capitol Records)
The Beatles record additional vocal overdub tracks for Getting Better, a song that will ultimately appear on their Sergeant Pepper album, at EMI Studios in London.
(photo credit: Capitol Records)

1965Astronauts Virgil I. 'Gus' Grissom and John Young blast off aboard Gemini 3 for the first, two man US space flight.
1956Pakistan becomes a British Commonwealth nation.
1942Japanese-Americans are moved to internment camps during WWII.
1933Adolf Hitler is granted control of Germany, with the passage of the Enabling Act by the Reichstag.
1919The Fascist political movement is founded by Benito Mussolini in Milan, Italy.
1903The Wright Brothers file a US patent application for their airplane design.
1806Lewis and Clark start their return journey eastward, after reaching the Pacific ocean.

George Washington
 US president George Washington plants 4,000 chestnut trees at his Mount Vernon,
 New York, home.
 (photo credit: NARA)


1775Patrick Henry utters his famous proclamation at the Virginia Provincial Convention: "Give me liberty, or give me death!"

Born today:

1990  Princess Eugenie - daughter of England's Prince Andrew and the Duchess of York

1976  Keri Russell - actress

1970  John Humphrey - rock drummer (The Nixons)

1968  Damon Albarn - singer (Blur)

1965  Kevin Griffin - country drummer (Yankee Grey)

1965  Richard Grieco - actor

1957  Amanda Plummer - actress

1954  Moses Malone - basketball player

1953  Chaka Khan - singer (Rufus)

1951  Ron Jaworski - NFL quarterback

1949  Ric Ocasek - rhythm guitarist, singer (The Cars)

1944  George 'Boomer' Scott - baseball all-star

1943  Lee May - baseball all-star

1929  Roger Bannister - broke the 4-minute mile (5/6/1954)

1922  Marty Allen - comedian

1912  Wernher Von Braun - rocket scientist

1908  Joan Crawford - actress (Academy Award - 1945)

1900  Erich Fromm - psychiatrist, author

1887  Juan Gris - Spanish artist

1857  Fannie Farmer - cook, candy-maker

1823  Schuyler Colfax - US Vice President (1869-73)



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