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March 22

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:

Foghat: Night Shift
Foghat lead guitarist Rod Price, 57, dies of a heart attack at his Wilton, New Hampshire home.
(photo credit: Rhino / WEA)

1991  A second Iraqi jet fighter plane is shot down for violating the Gulf War cease-fire.
1978Seventy-three-year-old Karl Wallenda falls to his death while attempting to walk a high wire between two hotels in San Juan, PR.
1945The League of Arab States is chartered in Cairo, Egypt.
1941Washington state's Grand Coulee Dam starts operating.
1929The Western Meadowlark is adopted as the state bird of Nebraska.
1913The Missouri state flag is adopted.

Niagara Falls
 Niagara Falls slows to a trickle due to a severe drought.
 (photo credit: Hemera)


1903The Soufriere volcano on St. Vincent Island erupts.
1895Brothers Auguste and Louis Lumiere exhibit their motion-picture projector in Paris.
1882The US Congress makes polygamy illegal.
1873Slavery is abolished in Puerto Rico.
1861The first US nursing school is chartered in Philadelphia.
1794Congress passes an act prohibiting US vessels from supplying slaves to other countries.
1622The first recorded massacre of caucasians by Indians occurs when 350 white settlers are killed in Virginia.

Born today:

1985  Keira Knightley - actress (Pirates of the Caribbean)

1976  Kellie Williams - actress

1976  Reese Witherspoon - actress

1959  Matthew Modine - actor

1957  Stephanie Mills - actress

1952  Bob Costas - sports announcer

1948  Randy Hobbs - bassist (The McCoys)

1948  Andrew Lloyd Webber - Broadway composer

1947  Harry Vanda - guitarist (The Easybeats)

1944  Jeremy Clyde - singer (Chad and Jeremy)

1943  George Benson - jazz guitarist, singer

1940  Dick Ellsworth - baseball pitcher

1940  Dave Keon - hockey hall of famer

1936  Glen Campbell - singer

1935  M. Emmett Walsh - actor

1934  Orrin Hatch - US senator (R-Utah)

1931  William Shatner - actor (Star Trek)

1930  Pat Robertson - evangelist

1930  Stephen Sondheim - composer

1923  Marcel Marceau - mime

1920  Werner Klemperer - actor (Hogan's Heroes)

1920  Ross Martin - actor (Wild, Wild West)

1912  Karl Malden - actor

1912  Wilfrid Brambell - actor (A Hard Day's Night)

1891  Chico Marx - actor (The Marx Brothers)

1822  Rosa Bonheur - French artist

1797  William I - King of Prussia and Germany

1599  Anthony Van Dyke - artist



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