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March 19

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2003US president George W. Bush announces a "decapitation attack" on Iraq's leadership. Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein ignores a 48-hour deadline to disarm, choosing instead to face military action by the international coalition.
2000Bill Clinton makes the first US presidential visit to India in 22 years during a tour of Asian nations.
1977After seven years on TV, the last episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show is aired.
1976Britain's Princess Margaret and her husband, the Earl of Snowdon, are separated after 16 years of marriage.
1975Pennsylvania becomes the first state in the US to allow girls to compete on boys high school sports teams.
1953The Academy Awards show is broadcast on TV for the first time (NBC).
1951The state of Washington names the Willow Goldfinch as its state bird.
1951Herman Wouk's The Caine Mutiny is published.
1949The American Museum of Atomic Energy opens in Oak Ridge, TN.
1945Nearly 800 people die when Kamikaze planes plow into the US aircraft carrier Franklin off the Japanese coast during WWII. Despite heavy damage, the carrier managed to make it back to port.
1945Adolph Hitler orders German military facilities destroyed so they can't be used by the Allies during WWII.
1931Gambling becomes legal in Nevada.
1918Daylight Saving Time is approved by the US Congress. We now remember to spring ahead and fall back when we set our clocks on or off of Daylight Savings Time.
1917The US Supreme Court upholds a lower court decision allowing an 8-hour work day for railroad employees.
1859Faust, the opera by Charles Gounod, debuts in Paris.
1831The first bank robbery in US history takes place when gunmen make off with nearly $250,000 from New York's City Bank.
  235  Maximinus is proclaimed Emperor by the Roman army. (He would be assassinated by his troops three years later.)

Born today:

1970  Gert Bettens - singer (K's Choice)

1959  Terry Hall - singer (The Specials)

1955  Bruce Willis - actor

1952  Derek Longmuir - drummer (The Bay City Rollers)

1947  Glenn Close - actress

1946  Zombies: Best of the 60s (Disky Records)  

Paul Atkinson - rock guitarist (The Zombies)
(photo credit: Disky Records)

1946  Ruth Pointer - singer (Pointer Sisters)

1939  Joe Kapp - NFL quarterback

1937  Clarence 'Frogman' Henry - singer

1936  Ursula Andress - actress

1935  Renee Taylor - actress

1933  Philip Roth - author

1932  Gay Brewer, Jr. - golf champion

1930  Ornette Coleman - musician, composer

1928  Hans Kung - theologian

1928  Patrick McGoohan - actor, director

1927  Richie Ashburn - MLB baseball player, sportscaster

1925  Brent Scowcroft - former US national security advisor

1923  Tige Andrews - actor

1916  Irving Wallace - author

1904  John Sirica - Watergate trial judge

1892  James Van Fleet - US 4 Star General

1891  Earl Warren - 14th US Supreme Court Chief Justice

1882  Gaston Lachaise - French sculptor

1881  Edith Nourse Rogers - WAAC creator, US congresswoman

1864  Charles M. Russell - Western artist

1860  William Jennings Bryan - US politician, attorney

1848  Wyatt Earp - lawman, gunfighter

1847  Albert Ryder - artist

1821  Richard Burton - explorer

1813  Dr. David Livingstone - missionary, explorer

1734  Thomas McKean - signed Declaration of Independence

1589  William Bradford - Governor of Plymouth Colony


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