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March 17
St. Patrick's Day

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1999   NFL owners vote to reinstate instant replay.
1999 Six members of the International Olympic Committee are expelled, following a bribery scandal.
1995 Varivax, the first chicken pox vaccine, is approved by the FDA.
1969 Golda Meir is sworn in as Premier of Israel.
1966 A hydrogen bomb that accidentally fell from a US bomber off the Spanish coast, is located in the Mediterranean.
1963 Bob Cousey plays his last regular season basketball game for the Boston Celtics, ending a 13 year NBA career.
1950 U.C. Berkeley scientists announce the existence of the radioactive element californium.

Charlton Heston
 Actor Charlton Heston marries Lydia Clarke.
 (photo credit: NARA)


Douglas Macarthur (Lerner Biographies)   

US Army General Douglas MacArthur arrives in Australia from the Philippines, during WWII.
(photo credit: Lerner Publications)

1941 The National Gallery of Art opens in Washington, DC.
1929 The first air passenger from the US arrives in Alaska.
1910 The Camp Fire Girls are organized.
1905 Franklin D. Roosevelt marries his cousin, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt.
1861 Victor Emmanuel is declared King of Italy.
1776 Boston is evacuated by the British during the American Revolution.
1763 The first St. Patrick's Day Parade is held in New York City.
  461 Bishop Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, dies.

Born today:

1974  Marisa Coughlan - actress

1967  Van Conner - rock bassist (Screaming Trees)

1967  Billy Corgan - rock singer (Smashing Pumpkins)

1964  Rob Lowe - actor

1959  Mike Lindup - keyboardist, singer (Level 42)

1955  Paul Overstreet - country singer

1955  Gary Sinise - actor

1954  Lesley-Anne Down - actress

1951  Scott Gorham - lead guitarist (Thin Lizzy)

1949  Patrick Duffy - actor

1949  Kurt Russell - actor, husband of actress Goldie Hawn

1946  Harold Brown - drummer (War)

1944  Patrick McCauley - rock drummer (Them)

1944  John Sebastian - singer, songwriter (The Lovin' Spoonful)

1943  Jim Weatherly - singer, songwriter

1941  Paul Kantner - rhythm guitarist (Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship)

1938  Rudolf Nureyev - ballet dancer

1918  Mercedes McCambridge - actress

1917  Nat King Cole - jazz pianist, singer (note: some records show 1919 as the birth year)

1902  Bobby Jones - golfer (PGA hall of famer)

1804  Jim Bridger - pioneer, explorer (discovered Utah's Great Salt Lake)

1473  James IV - King of Scotland


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