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March 16

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1995  Norman Thagard becomes the first US astronaut to visit the Russian Mir space station.
1978Italian politician Aldo Moro is kidnapped, and later killed, by terrorists.
1971New York governor and presidential candidate Thomas E. Dewey dies.
1968US troops under the command of Lt. Wm. Calley, Jr., massacre civilians at My Lai during the Vietnam conflict.
1945The US capture of Iwo Jima is completed during WWII.
1928The Presbyterian Medical Center Hospital opens in New York City.
1926The first liquid fuel rocket is launched.
1926Kentucky adopts goldenrod as its state flower.
1923Missouri adopts Hawthorne as its state flower.
1922Faud I is proclaimed King of Egypt.
1915The US Federal Trade Commission is established.
1910Auto racer Barney Oldfield sets a land speed record of 131.724 mph.
1898Illustrator Aubrey Beardsley dies.
1850Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel, The Scarlet Letter, is published.
1802The US Military Academy is founded at West Point, NY.
1713The Asiento Treaty, a slave trade agreement, is signed by Britain, France, and Spain.
1285King Alexander III of Scotland dies after falling from a horse.

Born today:

1959  Flavor Flav - rapper (Public Enemy)

1955  Isabelle Huppert - actress

1954  Nancy Wilson - guitarist, singer, songwriter (Heart)

1954  Hollis Stacy - golfer

1951  Kate Nelligan - actress

1949  Erik Estrada - actor

1942  Jerry Jeff Walker - country singer, guitarist

1942  Roger Crozier - hockey player

1941  Bernardo Bertolucci - film director

1932  R. Walter Cunningham - astronaut

1932  Betty Johnson - singer

1930  Hobie Landrith - baseball player

1927  Daniel Patrick Moynihan - US Senator (New York)

1926  Jerry Lewis - actor, comedian

1920  Leo McKern - actor

1912  Pat Nixon - wife of 37th US president Richard M. Nixon

1903  Mike Mansfield - US Senator

1751  James Madison - 4th US president

1739  George Clymer - signer of the Declaration of Independence



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