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March 13

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2007The Bolo Tie becomes the official necktie of New Mexico.
1999  Playwright Garson Kanin dies in New York City at age 86.
1980A Winamac, IN jury finds auto maker Ford not guilty of reckless homicide after three women are burned alive in a Ford Pinto.
1972The Merv Griffin Show makes its syndicated TV debut.
1969The Apollo 9 spacecraft splashes down in the Atlantic.
1955Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah becomes King of Nepal.
1938Germany and Austria proclaim a political and geographical union.
1937Warships from England, France, Germany and Italy begin patrolling the Spanish coast during the Spanish Civil War.
1928450 people are killed when St. Francis Dam collapses near Los Angeles.
1884Standard Time is adopted in the US.
1884Basutoland becomes a British African colony.
1881Russia's Czar Alexander II is assassinated.
1852The first picture of Uncle Sam is published (New York Lantern).
1808Christian VII, monarch of Denmark and Norway, dies.
1781The planet Uranus is discovered by the astronomer Herschel.
1644Rhode Island becomes an American colony.
1493Columbus leaves Lisbon, Portugal.
1462Johannes Gutenberg prints the first Bible using moveable type.
1138Conrad III is crowned King of Germany.

Born today:

1960  Adam Clayton - rock bassist (U2)

1957  Glenne Headly - actress (Mr. Holland's Opus)

1953  Deborah Raffin - actress

1951  Steve Craig - NFL tight end

1949  Donald York - singer (Sha Na Na)

1939  Neil Sedaka - singer, songwriter

1938  Joseph Bellino - Heisman Trophy winner (1960)

1933  Mike Stoller - record producer, songwriter

1930  Liz Anderson - country music singer/songwriter; mother of singer Lynn Anderson

1930  Peter Breck - actor

1926  Roy Haynes - jazz drummer

1918  Tessie O'Shea - singer, actress

1911  L. Ron Hubbard - author (Dianetics)

1910  Sammy Kaye - bandleader

1855  Percival Lowell - astronomer (began search for Pluto)

1799  Abigail Fillmore - wife of 13th US president Millard Fillmore (started the White House library)

1741  Joseph II - Roman Emperor

1733  Joseph Priestley - discovered oxygen



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