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March 12

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1999   The former Soviet republics of Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Poland become members of NATO.
1980 John Wayne Gacy, is found guilty by a Chicago jury for the murders of 33 men and boys.

Paul McCartney: McCartney II (EMI)  
Paul McCartney, bass guitarist for The Beatles, marries photographer Linda Eastman in London.
(photo credit: EMI)

1968 Mauritius Island joins the British Commonwealth as an independent country.
1939 Pius XXII becomes Pope during a Vatican ceremony.
1933 US president Franklin D. Roosevelt broadcasts his first 'fireside chat'.
1925 Chinese leader Sun Yat-sen dies.
1917 The Czarist government in Russia ends.
1914 Inventor George Westinghouse dies.
1912 The Girl Scouts of America is founded.
1864 Ulysses S. Grant becomes General-in-Chief of the Union Army.
1851 The University of Manchester (England) is founded.
1789 The first US post office opens.
1664 The British Colony of New Jersey is established by James, Duke of York.

Born today:

1978  Casey Mears - NASCAR auto racer

1969  Graham Coxon - guitarist (Blur)

1962  Darryl Strawberry - baseball player

1957  Steve Harris - bassist (Iron Maiden)

1957  Marlon Jackson - singer (The Jackson Five)

1949  Mike Gibbins - drummer (Badfinger)

1949  Bill Payne - keyboardist (Little Feat)

1948  Mark Moseley - NFL kicker

1948  James Taylor - singer, guitarist

1946  Liza Minnelli - actress, singer

1941  Barbara Feldon - actress (Get Smart)

1940  Al Jarreau - singer

1938  Johnny Rutherford - 3 time Indy 500 winner

1928  Edward Albee - playwright

1923  Wally Shirra, Jr. - NASA astronaut

1922  Jack Kerouac - author

1921  Gordon MacRae - actor



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