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March 5

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1999   Actor Richard Kiley dies in Warwick, New York, at age 76.
1982 Actor-comedian John Belushi dies of a drug overdose in Hollywood at age 33.
1969 The premiere issue of the rock magazine, Creem, is published.
1963 A private plane crashes near Camden, Tennessee, claiming the life of country music singer Patsy Cline and two other performers.

Elvis: The 50 Greatest Love Songs
Singer Elvis Presley becomes a civilian after spending two years in the US Army.
(photo credit: BMG)


Josef Stalin
Soviet dictator Josef Stalin dies at age 73.
(photo credit: NARA)

1946 British prime minister Winston Churchill delivers his 'Iron Curtain' speech at Westminster College in Fulton, Mississippi.
1927 US Marines land in China to protect American property during a civil uprising.
1868 C.H. Gould earns a British patent for his stapler.
1849 Zachary Taylor is sworn in as US president.
1836 The first Colt pistol is manufactured.
1770 The Boston Massacre takes place when British soldiers kill five colonists who had been taunting them.
1558 Francisco Fernandes introduces the smoking of tobacco to Europeans.
1534 Correggio, Italian artist, dies.

Born today:

1975  Jolene Blalock - actress (Star Trek: Enterprise)

1975  Niki Taylor - supermodel

1974  Kevin Connolly - actor

1970  John Frusciante - guitarist (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

1958  Andy Gibb - singer

1955  Penn Jillette - magician, comedian

1954  Marsha Warfield - actress, comedian

1952  Alan Clark - keyboardist (Dire Straits)

1948  Eddy Grant - singer

1939  Samantha Eggar - actress

1935  Earl Leggett - football player, coach

1934  James B. Sikking - actor

1927  Jack Cassidy - actor; father of David and Shaun Cassidy

1910  Momofuku Ando - ramen instant noodle inventor, founder of Nissin Food Products, Inc.

1908  Rex Harrison - actor

1893  Emmett Culligan - inventor, founded Culligan Water

1595  William Blackstone - first person to settle in Boston


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