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February 29
Leap Day

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
If you were born on February 29, because of leap day, you age only one-fourth as often as everyone else!
1996   Daniel Green is convicted of murdering the father of basketball star Michael Jordan during a 1993 holdup, and is sentenced to life in prison.
1996 A Peruvian jetliner crashes in the Andes, killing all 123 people aboard.
1984 Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau announces he is leaving office after serving over 15 years.
1980 Yigal Allon, former Israeli foreign minister and supporter of independence for Israel, dies at age 61.

Hank Aaron (Greenwood Press)  
Hank Aaron becomes the first baseball player to sign for $200,000 a year.
(photo credit: Greenwood Press)

1968 Dr. Jocelyn Bell Burnell announces the discovery of the first pulsar (a star that emits regular radio waves).
1960 Hugh Hefner opens the first Playboy Club in Chicago.
1940 Gone with the Wind wins eight Academy Awards, including the Oscar for Best Picture.
1904 US president Theodore Roosevelt appoints a seven-man commission to oversee completion of the Panama Canal.
1504 Christopher Columbus uses his knowledge of a lunar eclipse to frighten hostile Jamaican natives into providing his crew with food.
1288 It becomes legal in Scotland for a woman to propose marriage to a man.
Curious fact: In days of yore, February 29 was the day when women proposed to men.

Born today:

1972  Antonio Sabato, Jr. - actor

1952  Tim Powers - science fiction author

1944  Phyllis Frelich - actor

1944  Dennis Farina - actor

1940  Gretchen Christopher - singer (The Fleetwoods)

1936  Jack Lousma - space shuttle astronaut

1936  Henri Richard - hockey player

1936  Alex Rocco - actor

1928  Joss Ackland - actor

1920  Arthur Franz - actor

1920  James Mitchell - actor

1920  Michele Morgan - actress

1920  Howard Nemerov - poet

1904  Jimmy Dorsey - bandleader

1904  Pepper Martin - baseball player

1876  Theo Hardeen - escape artist, brother of Harry Houdini

1792  Gioacchino Rossini - composer (The Barber of Seville)

1736  Ann Lee - founded Shakerism in US

1712  General Montcalm - French and Indian War hero


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