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February 19

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2003On-stage pyrotechnics start a fire that kills nearly a hundred spectators attending a performance by the metal band Great White, in West Warwick, RI.
1999  US president Bill Clinton grants a posthumous pardon to Henry Flipper, the first black West Point graduate, reversing Flipper's racially-motivated discharge.
1997Chinese Communist revolutionary Deng Xiaoping dies.
1996Former Oakland A's owner and master showman Charlie Finlay dies in Chicago at age 77.
1986The US Senate votes to outlaw genocide, an act that took 37 years to ratify.
1985Cherry Coke is introduced by the Coca-Cola Company.
1959Britain, Greece, and Turkey agree to grant independence to the island nation of Cyprus.
1945A US invasion force of 30,000 marines land at Iwo Jima, starting a month-long WWII battle against Japanese troops.
1942Darwin, Australia, is attacked by Japanese warplanes during WWII.
1942US president Franklin D. Roosevelt grants authority for the military to intern Japanese-Americans during WWII.
1881Kansas prohibits all alcoholic beverages.
1878Thomas Edison receives a patent for his cylinder record player (forerunner of the "modern day" phonograph).
1864The Knights of Pythias is founded in Washington, DC.
1846Austin, TX, begins operation as that state's capital.

Born today:

1967  Benicio Del Toro - actor

1966  Justine Bateman - actress

1963  Seal (Warner Brothers)  

Seal - singer
(photo credit: Warner Brothers)

1962  Hana Mandlikova - tennis hall of famer

1960  Prince Andrew of Britain - (Duke of York)

1955  Jeff Daniels - actor

1950  Scorpions: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Scorpions (Mercury / Universal)  

Francis Buchholz - rock bassist (Scorpions)
(photo credit: Mercury / Universal)

1948  Mark Andes - bassist (Heart, Firefall, Spirit)

1948  Tony Iommi - rock guitarist (Black Sabbath)

1943  Lou Christie - singer

1940  Carlin Glynn - actress

1940  Smokey Robinson - singer

1936  Bob Engemann - singer (The Lettermen)

1930  John Frankenheimer - movie director

1924  Lee Marvin - actor

1916  Eddie Arcaro - jockey

1912  Stan Kenton - songwriter, bandleader

1911  Merle Oberon - actor

1895  Louis Calhern - actor

1893  Cedrick Hardwicke - actor

1865  Sven Hedin - explored Tibet

1473  Nicolaus Copernicus - astronomer


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