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February 16

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1999  Testimony begins in the Jasper, Texas, murder trial of John William King, charged in the dragging death of James Byrd, Jr.
1994Over 200 people die as a powerful earthquake rocks the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

The Beatles: Sergeant Pepper (Capitol Records)
The Beatles record bass and vocal overdubs for Good Morning Good Morning, a song that will ultimately appear on their Sergeant Pepper album, at EMI Studios in London.
(photo credit: Capitol Records)

1963Please, Please Me, by The Beatles, moves to #1 on the British pop music charts, just a month after it was released.
1959Fidel Castro becomes premier of Cuba after overthrowing Fulgencio Batista.
1956The last portion of the Third Avenue Elevated Railroad is removed in New York City.
1945American troops begin their reoccupation of the Philippines island of Corregidor during WWII.
1923The burial vault of King Tutankhamen's tomb is opened in Egypt.
1900American Samoa becomes a US possession.
1878The Silver Dollar is introduced as a US coin.
1868The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks is created in New York City, following the reorganization of The Jolly Corks.
1846The Battle of Sobraon ends India's First Sikh War.
1786James Monroe (5th US president, 1817-25) marries Elizabeth Kortright.

Born today:

1979  Sam Salter - singer

1961  Andy Taylor - guitarist (Duran Duran)

1959  John McEnroe - tennis player, TV host

1958  Ice-T - rapper, actor

1958  Lisa Loring - actress

1957  LeVar Burton - actor

1956  James Ingram - singer

1946  Jeremy Bulloch - actor

1935  Sonny Bono - singer (Sonny & Cher), US Congressman

1926  John Schlesinger - movie director

1920  Patti Andrews - lead singer (The Andrews Sisters)

1909  Hugh Beaumont - actor (Ward Cleaver on Leave it to Beaver)

1903  Edgar Bergen - ventriloquist, actor (voice of Charlie McCarthy)

1812  Henry Wilson (born Jeremiah Colbath) - US Vice President


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