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February 15

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1999Fire blazes through a nightclub in Taichung, Taiwan, killing 64 people.
1990US president George Bush meets with Bolivian, Colombian, and Peruvian leaders at an anti-drug summit in Colombia.
1989The last Soviet troops leave Afghanistan, ending nine years of military involvement.
1982Eighty-four workers die when an oil drilling rig sinks off the coast of Newfoundland during a storm.
1978In a split decision, Leon Spinks takes the heavyweight boxing champion title away from defending champ Muhammad Ali.
1973Actor-comedian Wally Cox dies of a heart attack in Los Angeles at age 48.
Did you know? Cox provided the voice of the cartoon superhero Underdog.

1965Singer Nat King Cole dies in Santa Monica, California, at age 45.
1965Canada flies its new red and white Maple Leaf flag, retiring the Red Ensign.
1942The British colony of Singapore surrenders to Japanese troops during WWII.
1937The American Elm becomes the state tree of Nebraska.
1879US president Rutherford Hayes signs a bill enabling female lawyers to argue cases before the Supreme Court.
1842  Postage stamps with adhesive on the back are sold for the first time at the New York City post office.

Born today:

1983  Ashley Lyn Cafagna - actress

1971  Renee O'Connor - actress

1970  Emily May Young - actress

1967  Michael Easton - actor

1960  Mikey Craig - bassist (Culture Club)

1959  Ali Campbell - guitarist, singer (UB40)

1954  Matt Groening - cartoonist (The Simpsons)

1951  Melissa Manchester - singer

1951  Jane Seymour - actress

1949  Ken Anderson - NFL quarterback

1948  Ron Cey - baseball star

1947  David Brown bassist (Santana)

1945  John Helliwell - saxophonist (Supertramp)

1944  Mick Avory - drummer (The Kinks)

1941  Brian Holland - songwriter

1935  Susan Brownmiller - author

1933  Adolfo - fashion designer

1931  Claire Bloom - actress

1929  Graham Hill - auto racer, Indy 500 winner

1927  Harvey Korman - actor, comedian

1918  Hank Locklin - country singer

1914  Kevin McCarthy - actor

1905  Harold Arlen - composer, songwriter (Somewhere Over the Rainbow)

1882  John Barrymore - actor

1820  Susan B. Anthony - suffragist, first woman on a US coin

1812  Charles Tiffany - jeweler

1564  Galileo Galilei - astronomer


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