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February 6

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1998US president Bill Clinton signs a bill renaming Washington National Airport to Ronald Reagan National Airport.
1994Actor Joseph Cotten dies in Los Angeles at age 88.
1993Former tennis great Arthur Ashe dies in New York at age 49.
1978Muriel Humphrey fills the US senate seat of her late husband, Minnesota senator and former US Vice President, Hubert Humphrey.
1952Britain's King George VI dies and is succeeded by his daughter, Elizabeth II.
1933The 20th Amendment to the US Constitution goes into effect, which changes the start of congressional, vice-presidential, and presidential terms from March to January.
1926The National Football League agrees that college players cannot play in the NFL until they graduate.
1899The US Senate ratifies a peace treaty between the United States and Spain, ending the Spanish-American War.
1788Massachusetts becomes the sixth state to ratify the US Constitution.
1778France officially recognizes the new nation known as the United States of America.
1670  Frederick III, King of Denmark and Norway, dies.

Born today:

1969  Tim Brown - rock bassist (The Boo Radleys)

1966  Rick Astley - singer

1962  Richie McDonald - country singer (Lonestar)

1962  Axl Rose - rock singer (Guns N' Roses)

1960  Megan Gallagher - actress

1958  Barry Miller - actor

1956  Jon Walmsley - actor (The Waltons)

1950  Natalie Cole - singer, daughter of singer Nat King Cole

1944  Michael Tucker - actor

1943  Fabian Forte - singer

1943  Gayle Hunnicutt - actress

1940  Tom Brokaw - NBC TV news anchorman

1939  Mike Farrell - actor

1933  Mamie Van Doren - actress

1932  Francois Truffaut - movie director

1931  Rip Torn - actor

1922  Patrick Macnee - actor (The Avengers)

1917  Zsa Zsa Gabor - actress

1911  Ronald Reagan  

Ronald Reagan - former US president, actor
(photo credit: NARA)

1895  George Herman (Babe) Ruth - baseball pitcher, home run king

1756  Aaron Burr - 3rd US Vice President, killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel

1564  Christopher Marlowe - poet, playwright


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