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January 24

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2007Emiliano Mercado del Toro, the world's oldest person, dies at his home in Puerto Rico at age 115.
1993Former Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall dies in Bethesda, MD, at age 84.
1989Serial killer Ted Bundy is put to death in Florida's electric chair.
1986The NASA space probe Voyager Two passes within 50,679 miles of Uranus.
1985Penny Harrington is sworn in as the first woman police chief of a major American city (Portland, Oregon).
1978A nuclear-powered Soviet satellite disintegrates as it falls into the atmosphere, spreading radioactive debris over parts of northern Canada.
1965British statesman Winston Churchill dies in London, at age 90.
1935The first canned beer is offered for sale in Richmond, VA, by the Krueger Brewing Company.
1924The Russian city of St. Petersburg is renamed Leningrad to honor revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin. It was later renamed back to St. Petersburg.
1908Robert Baden-Powell organizes the first Boy Scout troop in England.
1888Jacob L. Wortman of Philadelphia receives a US patent for his typewriter ribbon.
1848  James Marshall discovers a gold nugget at Sutter's Mill in northern California, triggering the San Francisco gold rush of '49.

Born today:

1979  Tatyana Ali - actress (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

1970  Pat 'Sleepy' Brown - R&B singer (Society of Soul)

1968  Mary Lou Retton - gymnast

1960  Nastassja Kinski - actress

1958  Jools Holland - rock keyboardist (Squeeze)

1951  Yakov Smirnoff - comedian, actor

1949  John Belushi - comedian, actor (Animal House)

1947  Warren Zevon - singer, songwriter

1941  Neil Diamond - singer

1941  Aaron Neville - singer

1939  Ray Stevens - singer

1937  Bobby Scott - pianist, singer, songwriter (A Taste of Honey)

1936  Doug Kershaw - Cajun musician

1918  Oral Roberts - evangelist

1917  Ernest Borgnine - actor

1915  Mark Goodson - TV game show producer

1909  Ann Todd - actress

1862  Edith Warton - author


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