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January 21

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:

Cheerios (General Mills)  
Cheerios inventor and former General Mills vice president, Lester Borchardt, dies in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at age 99.

(photo credit: General Mills)

2002 Jazz vocalist Peggy Lee dies of a heart attack at her California home at age 81.
1999 Raul Salinas de Gortari, brother of a former Mexican president, is convicted of arranging the murder of a political rival and sentenced to 50 years in prison.
1998 US president Bill Clinton denies reports of an affair with former intern Monica Lewinsky and that he influenced her to lie about it.
1997 Newt Gingrich is fined and reprimanded as the US House of Representatives votes for first time in history to discipline the Speaker of the House for ethical misconduct.
1977 US president Jimmy Carter provides a presidential pardon to most Vietnam War draft dodgers.
1976 England and France place their Concorde supersonic jetliners into regular service.
1966 The Beatles' lead guitarist, George Harrison, and fashion model Pattie Boyd are married.
1954 The USS Nautilus, the world's first atomic submarine, is launched from the shipyards at Groton, Connecticut.
1950 George Orwell, author of 1984 and Animal Farm, dies in London.
1924 Russian> revolutionary and founder of Bolshevism, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, dies at age 54.
1915 The first Kiwanis Club is chartered, in Detroit.
1908 A New York City law is passed making it illegal for a woman to smoke in public.
1865 Akron, OH, is incorporated as a city.
1793   King Louis XVI of France is found guilty of treason and beheaded during the Revolution.

Born today:

1979  Nokio - R&B singer (Dru Hill)

1978  Spice Girls: Forever (Virgin)  

Emma 'Baby Spice' Bunton - singer (Spice Girls)
(photo credit: Virgin Records US)

1970  Levirt - rap artist (B-Rock and the Bizz)

1969  Karina Lombard - actress

1968  Charlotte Ross - actress

1965  DJ Jam Master Jay - rap artist (Run-DMC)

1963  Hakeem Olajuwon - NBA center (Houston Rockets)

1957  Geena Davis - actress

1956  Robby Benson - actor

1950  Billy Ocean - singer, songwriter

1947  Jill Eikenberry - actress (LA Law)

1942  Mac Davis - singer

1942  Edwin Starr - singer

1941  Placido Domingo - opera singer

1941  Richie Havens - singer

1940  Jack Nicklaus - professional golfer

1938  Wolfman Jack - disc jockey, TV host (Midnight Special)

1936  Snooks Eaglin - blues singer, guitarist

1935  Ann Wedgeworth - actress

1927  Telly Savalas - actor (Kojak)

1926  Steve Reeves - actor

1922  Paul Scofield - actor

1905  Christian Dior - fashion designer

1824  Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson - Confederate General


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