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January 13

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2003Toy retailer FAO Schwartz files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
1999Basketball legend Michael Jordan announces his second retirement from the Chicago Bulls.

Pope John Paul II

 Philippine authorities unearth a plot by militant Muslims to assassinate Pope John
 Paul II during his visit.
 (photo credit: NARA)

1995Lamberto Dini becomes prime minister of Italy.
1992Japan formally apologizes for forcing thousands of Korean women to serve as sex slaves for Japanese troops during WWII.
1990L. Douglas Wilder, the nation's first elected African-American governor, is sworn in in Richmond, Virginia.
1982Seventy-eight people die in Washington, DC, when an Air Florida 737 crashes into a bridge after takeoff and falls into the Potomac River.
1978Former US Vice President Hubert Humphrey dies in Waverly, MN, at age 66.
1966Robert C. Weaver, the first African-American Cabinet member, is appointed Secretary of Housing and Urban Development by US president Lyndon Johnson.
1962Comedian Ernie Kovacs is killed in a car crash in Los Angeles.
1941Novelist James Joyce dies during an eye operation in Zurich, Switzerland at age 58.
1937The US government announces that Americans cannot actively participate in the Spanish Civil War.
1864Composer Stephen Foster dies in New York at age 39, while recuperating from loss of blood after a fever-induced fall in his hotel room.

George Washington
 President George Washington adds two stars and two stripes to the US flag, to honor
 the admission of Vermont and Kentucky to the US. (The new stripes were later removed,
 restoring the total to 13.)
 (photo credit: NARA)


Born today:

1989  Beau Mirchoff - actor (Scary Movie 4)

1983  William Hung - American Idol reject

1977  Orlando Bloom - actor

1966  Patrick Dempsey - actor

1964  Penelope Ann Miller - actress

1962  Trace Adkins: Greatest Hits Collection, Vol. 1 (Capitol)  

Trace Adkins - country singer
(photo credit: Capitol)

1961  Julia Louis-Dreyfus - actress (Seinfeld)

1961  Graham McPherson - singer (Madness)

1960  Kevin Anderson - actor

1954  Trevor Rabin - guitarist (Yes)

1943  Richard Moll - actor (Babylon 5, Night Court)

1938  Billy Gray - actor

1934  Rip Taylor - comedian

1931  Charles Nelson Reilly - comedian, actor

1930  Robert Lester - singer (Chi-Lites)

1930  Frances Sternhagen - actress

1926  Gwen Verdon - dancer, actress, singer

1922  Army Archerd - show biz columnist, author

1919  Robert Stack  

Robert Stack - actor
(photo credit: Autographs Inc.)

1913  Jeff Morrow - actor

1885  Alfred Fuller - Fuller Brush Company founder

1884  Sophie Tucker - vaudeville singer, comedienne

1834  Horatio Alger - author


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