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January 12

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:

George W. Bush: Portrait of a Leader (Karen Hughes)
US president George W. Bush signs a law making pretexting illegal.

(photo credit: Tyndale House)


2003 Maurice Gibb, singer-keyboardist of the Bee Gees, dies of cardiac arrest at age 53 in Miami.
1991 Congress gives the go-ahead for US military action against Iraq in Operation Desert Storm.
1991 Key Luke, movie and TV actor best known as "Number One Son" in numerous Charlie Chan movies, dies of a stroke at age 86.
1986 The space shuttle Columbia blasts off with a crew of seven, including Dr. Franklin Chang-Diaz -- the first Hispanic-American astronaut.
1973 Yassar Arafat is re-elected to lead the Palestinian Liberation Organization.
1971   Carroll O'Connor stars in All In the Family, debuting on CBS-TV.

Batman: The Movie (20th Century Fox)  

Adam West (left) and Burt Ward star as the Dynamic Duo in Batman, which makes its colorful, action-packed debut on ABC-TV.
(photo credit: 20th Century Fox)

1949 The children's show Kukla, Fran and Ollie, a Chicago regional TV favorite, makes its network debut on NBC.
1932 Oliver Wendell Holmes steps down from the US Supreme Court at age 90.
1932 Hattie Caraway becomes the first woman US Senator.
1928 Vladimir Horowitz debuts as a soloist with the New York Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall.
1915 The US Congress establishes the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.
1896 H.L. Smith takes the world's first x-ray picture.
1773   The first public museum in the US is established in Charleston, SC.

Born today:

1988  Andrew Lawrence - actor

1973  Matt Wong - bassist (Reel Big Fish)

1967  Vendela - supermodel

1966  Rob Zombie - rock singer (White Zombie)

1960  Charlie Gillingham - keyboardist (Counting Crows)

1959  Per Gessle - guitarist, singer (Roxette)

1955  Kirstie Alley - actress

1954  Howard Stern - syndicated radio deejay

1952  Ricky Van Shelton - country singer

1951  Drew Pearson - football player

1951  Rush Limbaugh - radio talk radio host

1948  Anthony Andrews - actor

1946  Cynthia Robinson - trumpet player (Sly and the Family Stone)

1945  Maggie Bell - singer (Stone the Crows)

1944  Joe Frazier - world heavyweight boxing champ (1970-73)

1939  William Lee Golden - singer (The Oak Ridge Boys)

1936  Ron Harper - actor

1935  The Amazing Kreskin - mentalist

1930  Glenn Yarbrough - singer (The Limeliters)

1928  Lloyd Ruby - Indy 500 auto racer

1926  Ray Price - singer

1906  Henny Youngman - comedian, actor

1905  Tex Ritter - country singer, father of actor John Ritter

1902  Joe E. Lewis - comedian

1876  Jack London - author

1737  John Hancock  

John Hancock - American patriot
(photo credit: NARA)


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