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January 11

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2001Actor Anthony Hopkins has his hand- and footprints placed in wet cement in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.
1998Actor Woody Harrelson (Cheers) marries Laura Louie.
199552 people die when a Colombian airliner crashes near the Caribbean resort town of Cartagena.
1978Soviet cosmonauts aboard the Soyuz 27 capsule link up with the Salyut Six orbiting space station, joining their Soyuz 26 comrades who were already docked.
1973The designated hitter rule is added to major league baseball teams in the American League.
1970The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Minnesota Vikings, 23-7, in Superbowl IV.
1968The GEOS-B satellite is launched into earth orbit from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.
1964US Surgeon General Luther Terry releases a report that states that cigarette smoking is a health hazard.
1958Sea Hunt, starring Lloyd Bridges as crusty frogman and good guy Mike Nelson, debuts on CBS-TV.
1942Japan declares war on Holland during WWII.
1935Amelia Earhart Putnam becomes the first person to make a solo airplane flight from Hawaii to California.
1902Popular Mechanics magazine hits newsstands for the first time.
1861Alabama secedes from the Union, during the US Civil War.
1805  Michigan becomes a US territory.

Born today:

1971  Mary J. Blige: Reflections - A Retrospective (Geffen)  

Mary J. Blige - singer
(photo credit: Geffen Records)

1958  Vicki Peterson - guitarist, singer (The Bangles)

1952  Ben Crenshaw - golf champ

1949  Dennis Greene - singer (Sha-Na-Na)

1948  Chris Ford - basketball coach (Milwaukee Bucks)

1947  Anna Calder-Marshall - actress

1946  Naomi Judd - singer, actress (The Judds), mother of singer Wynonna

1930  Rod Taylor - actor (The Birds)

1926  Grant Tinker - TV producer, husband of actress Mary Tyler Moore

1923  Carroll Shelby - auto racer, car designer (Shelby Cobra)

1815  John MacDonald - first Canadian Prime Minister

1757  Alexander Hamilton - first US Treasury Secretary


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