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January 10

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1984The US and the Vatican establish diplomatic relations for the first time since 1867.
1980Former AFL-CIO president George Meany dies in Washington, DC, at age 85.
1978The USSR sends two cosmonauts into orbit to rendezvous with the Salyut 6 space laboratory.
1957Harold Macmillan becomes prime minister of Britain, after the resignation of Anthony Eden.
1946The first General Assembly of the United Nations convenes in London.
1920The League of Nations is established by the Treaty of Versailles.
1918The US House of Representatives passes women's suffrage.
1917William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody, showman, dies.
1870Standard Oil is incorporated by brothers John D. and William Rockefeller.
1862Revolver inventor Samuel Colt dies.
1861Florida secedes from the Union, during the US Civil War.
1840England establishes its penny-postal system.
1776  Thomas Paine publishes his famous pamphlet, Common Sense.

Born today:

1979  Chris Smith - rapper (Kris Kross)

1967  Trini Alvarado - actress

1964  Brad Roberts - singer (Crash Test Dummies)

1961  Evan Handler - actor

1959  Curt Kirkwood - guitarist singer (Meat Puppets)

1958  Shawn Colvin, singer

1955  Michael Schenker - guitarist (Scorpions, UFO)

1953  Pat Benatar - singer

1953  Bobby Rahal - auto racer (1986 Indianapolis 500 winner)

1949  George Foreman - boxer (1994 heavyweight champ), entrepreneur

1948  Donald Fagen - keyboardist, singer (Steely Dan)

1948  Cyril Neville - percussionist, singer (The Neville Brothers)

1946  Bob Lang - bassist (Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders)

1945  Rod Stewart - singer

1944  Frank Sinatra Jr. - singer

1943  Jim Croce - singer-songwriter, guitarist (Bad, Bad Leroy Brown)

1942  Walter Hill - movie director

1939  Scott McKenzie - singer

1939  Sal Mineo - actor, singer

1939  Bill Toomey - Olympic Gold Medalist (1968 Decathlon)

1938  Willie McCovey - baseball Hall-of-Famer

1935  Ronnie Hawkins - rockabilly singer

1935  Sherrill Milnes - opera singer

1928  Maurice Sendak - author, illustrator

1927  Gisele MacKenzie - singer

1927  Johnnie Ray, singer

1925  Max Roach - jazz drummer, educator

1921  Rodger Ward - auto racer (two-time Indianapolis 500 winner)

1917  Jerry Wexler - producer (Atlantic Records)

1908  Paul Henried - actor, director

1904  Ray Bolger - actor (The Wizard of Oz)

1738  Ethan Allen - American patriot


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