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January 9

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In the headlines today:

Yvonne De Carlo (Universal Studios) 
 TV and film star Yvonne de Carlo (The Munsters, The Ten Commandments) dies of
 natural causes in Los Angeles at age 84.
 (photo credit: Universal Studios)

2007Apple chairman Steve Jobs introduces the iPhone: a combination cell phone, PDA, and iPod device.
2007Apple Computer, Inc. changes its name to Apple, Inc.
1997Twenty-nine people die when a Comair commuter plane crashes 18 miles from Detroit Metropolitan Airport.
1995British comedian Peter Cook dies in London, at age 57.
1990The space shuttle Columbia leaves earth on a ten-day mission to, among other things, retrieve a drifting satellite.
1986After 10 years of sales (and a lawsuit from rival Polaroid), Kodak discontinues its line of instant cameras.
1980Saudi Arabia executes 63 people for their part in a raid on Mecca's Grand Mosque the previous November.
1972Billionaire Howard Hughes speaks to reporters by phone, stating that a biography of him by author Clifford Irving is phony.
1968The unmanned US space probe Surveyor 7 lands on the lunar surface.

The Beatles: Beatles '65 (Capitol)
The album Beatles '65 reaches number one on the US music charts.
(photo credit: Capitol Records)

196421 Panamanians and three US soldiers die when anti-US rioting erupts in the Panama Canal Zone.
1957British prime minister Anthony Eden resigns.
1937The first issue of Look magazine appears on newsstands.
1861Mississippi secedes from the Union, during the US Civil War.
1793Jean-Pierre Blanchard makes the first successful balloon flight in the US. His hydrogen-filled balloon lifts off in Philadelphia, PA, and lands 15 miles away in Woodbury, New Jersey.
1788  Connecticut becomes the fifth state to ratify the US Constitution.

Born today:

1978  A.J. McLean - singer (Backstreet Boys)

1967  Dave Matthews - singer, guitarist (Dave Matthews Band)

1965  Joely Richardson - actress

1963  Eric Erlandson - guitarist (Hole)

1951  Crystal Gayle - singer

1950  David Johanson - singer (Buster Poindexter)

1948  Bill Cowsill - singer (The Cowsills)

1944  Scott Engel - singer (The Walker Brothers)

1944  Jimmy Page - guitarist (Led Zeppelin, The Firm)

1941  Joan Baez - folk singer

1941  Susannah York - actress

1940  Jimmy Boyd - actor, singer

1940  Big Al Downing - country singer

1935  Bob Denver - actor (Gilligan's Island)

1935  Dick Enberg - sportscaster

1934  Bart Starr - football Hall of Fame quarterback

1928  Judith Krantz - novelist

1917  Herbert Lom - actor

1914  Gypsy Rose Lee - dancer, actress

Richard M. Nixon

1913  Richard M. Nixon - 37th US president (first President to resign from office)
 (photo credit: NARA)

1901  Chic Young - cartoonist (Blondie)

1554  Gregory XV - Roman Catholic Pope


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