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January 7

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2003HBO announces that its hit comedy show, Sex and the City, will end after its sixth season.
1999The impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton opens in the US Senate.
1993The US EPA classifies environmental tobacco smoke as a carcinogen.
1968US postage rates increase today; it now costs six cents to send an ounce of first class mail.
1958Gibson 1959 Korina Flying V The Gibson Musical Instruments Company patents its Flying V guitar.
 (photo credit: Musician's Friend)


1955Marian Anderson becomes the first African-American to sing at the Metropolitan Opera House.
1953The US announces the successful development of the hydrogren bomb.
1944The US Air Force announces production of the first jet fighter aircraft, the Bell P-59.
1927Telephone service between New York and London begins, via the transatlantic cable.
1926Comedian George Burns and comedienne Gracie Allen are married in Cleveland, OH.
1785Jean-Pierre Blanchard and Dr. John Jeffries make the first hydrogen balloon crossing of the English Channel.
1782The first commercial bank in the US, the Bank of North America, opens in Philadelphia.
1610  The moons of Jupiter are discovered by astronomer Galileo Galilei.

Born today:

1974  John Rich - country singer, bassist (Lonestar)

1964  Nicolas Cage - actor

1959  Kathy Valentine - bassist (The Go-Gos)

1957  Katie Couric - TV journalist (Today co-host)

1952  Erin Grey - actress

1949  Marshall Chapman - singer, songwriter

1948  Kenny Loggins - singer

1946  Jan Wenner - publisher (Rolling Stone)

1942  Paul Revere - keyboardist (Paul Revere and the Raiders)

1936  Eldee Young - bassist (Ramsey Lewis Trio)

1928  William Peter Blatty - author (The Exorcist)

1922  Vincent Gardenia - actor

1912  Charles Addams - New Yorker cartoonist

1873  Adolph Zukor - film executive

1800  Millard Fillmore - 13th US president

1745  Jacques Montgolfier - hot air balloon co-inventor


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