Webmaster Secrets
I was framed, I tell ya!

By Brett McCarron, webmaster

I hate it when a website owner links to one of my pages and puts his frame on top of my page! Depending on the monitor I'm using, that top frame takes up valuable real estate.

Use this method to code your most-linked pages so that they never load in a frame in the first place. Append the code snippet shown in red to the <body> tag in your document:

<body onLoad="(self != top) top.location = self.location;">

Another idea is to make the choice of breaking out of a frame up to the reader. It looks like a regular hypertext link, which, when clicked, pops the page out of a frame.

Be sure to replace the http://www.url.of.my.page.com with the actual URL of the page that you want to break out of the frame.

<A HREF="http://www.url.of.my.page.com" TARGET="_top">Stuck in a frame?</A>

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