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Speed Up Graphic Image Load Times

By Brett McCarron, webmaster

voila! we have power!Logo has been illuminated I wanted to design a page that involved a power switch for an amplifier company. Clicking on the switch would light up the switch and also brighten up the manufacturer's logo on the page. The problem was that there was a noticeable lag while the two new graphics loaded. I wanted to get the information into the browser cache before the second page was selected.

The solution was to include the two new graphics for page 2 on page 1. Thus the graphics would already be in the cache, so there would be no time delay when the switch was clicked. This was done by specifying a height and width of zero in the image tags for each of the two graphics I wished to preload.

To illustrate, click anywhere on the switch graphic above and watch what happens.

The <IMG SRC="imagex.gif" HEIGHT=0 WIDTH=0> tag was used for each. Even though they have a width and height of zero, they are still placed in the cache.

The image is a clickable link that calls a second page. Be sure that the graphic is placed in a similar position on the new page so that it doesn't spoil the effect.

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