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Welcome to Webmaster Secrets!  Here you'll find tips, tricks, and secrets used by the top webmasters and designers.  Feel free to try them on your own web pages.  We're constantly adding more, so bookmark this site and remember to stop by again!

Using A Link to Close the Active Window If you use pop-ups or pop-under ads on your site, here's the (very small) snippet of code you need to allow your viewers to close the window by clicking a link.  
Fixed (Non-Scrolling) Background
This looks really cool with Internet Explorer. We're using it on this page now. Scroll down and watch how the text seems to float across the surface of the page.
A Background Image Secret If you use a background image at your site, you could be losing business. It's easy to fix.
Add A Search Engine to Your Site It's free and it's easy. Why not help your viewers search your site?
Colorize Your Links Add some extra color to your web site links with this tip. Especially handy when a client wants one particular link to display in a specified color.
How Web Sites Make Money By Giving Stuff Away If you have a web site, you can make it pay for itself in no time!
I Was Framed, I Tell Ya! Don't let another site trap your pages in a frame -- break out!
Improve the Stickiness of Your Site This tip will help keep visitors at your site. Use it wisely!
Make Your Graphics Load Faster This little-known secret makes web graphics appear to load instantly.
Restarting a Numbered List Ordered lists are great -- especially when you override the starting number.
The Curse of the Underlined Graphic Get rid of those annoying underlines when using graphic links.

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