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Slyib's Joke Vault

Category: Religious Jokes

The Prattling Parrots

A woman had two female parrots who were always yelling, "We're prostitutes, wanna have a little fun?"

One day, she was talking to her minister about this. He said he had two male parrots and all they did was read the Bible. He thought perhaps they would be a good influence on the two females.

Later that week, the minister paid a call on the woman, and brought his two parrots with him. They put the four parrots together to see what would happen.

True to form, the female parrots yelled at the male parrots, "We're prostitutes, wanna have a little fun?"

One male parrot said to the other, "Awk! Put the Bibles away! We've made it to heaven!"

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