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Slyib's Joke Vault

Redneck Jokes

Rednecks, hillbillies, and good ol' boys have earned a reputation for finding fun wherever it's at. What's fun for a redneck may not seem proper to a city slicker. And vice versa. So let's just agree to disagree, shall we? If you're a city slicker, enjoy this fine assortment of redneck jokes. And if you're a hillbilly, before you get yourself in a huff, go visit the city slicker section. Enjoy!

- Slyib
  1. The Taxidermist

  2. Animal Husbandry

  3. Ventriloquist Cowboy

  4. Baptism

  5. Swimsuit Catalog

  6. Why Are You So Smug?

  7. Out Shopping

  8. Redneck 911

  9. Macon Bacon

  10. Redneck Vasectomy

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