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Slyib's Joke Vault

Random Jokes

Once in awhile, the royal scribes get lazy and can't decide where best to categorize a particular joke. So instead of placing the scribes on a diet of bread and water (or worse yet, the dreaded gruel!) to get them to behave, the King decreed that they could be tossed here.

Sometimes it's fun to take a chance. Columbus did and look what he found!

I hope you enjoy this random assortment of thigh-slappers and gut busters. They tickled the King's funny bone; hopefully they'll make you chuckle, too!

- Slyib
  1. Home Remedies for Men

  2. Famous Put-Downs

  3. Christmas at the Pearly Gates

  4. Ten Rules For Dating My Daughter

  5. The Inheritance

  6. Barroom Insult

  7. Sending a Telegram

  8. Dammit

  9. The Old Folks Go To Lunch

  10. Visiting the Psychic

  11. On a Deserted Island

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