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Slyib's Joke Vault

Category: Musician Jokes

Dream Gig

The six-piece cover band finally gets hired for a dream gig: Three months aboard a cruise ship as the house band. The bandmates daydream about spending days lying by the pool, afternoons drinking with beautiful passengers in bikinis, and evenings performing in front of beautiful people. The band agrees to practice dilligently during the two weeks before the cruise so they will sound their best.

Days pass by with one problem: at least one band member is missing at each rehearsal. As a matter of fact, every member of the band has missed two or more rehearsals, except for the ever-faithful drummer.

The day before the band is to set sail, at the end of the last dress rehearsal, the band leader takes a moment to thank the drummer for his faithful attendance.

The drummer humbly responds, "It's the least I could do, since my wife won't let me go on the cruise!"

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