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Slyib's Joke Vault

Category: Little Johnny Jokes

It's Dark in Here

This man was in bed with a married woman when they heard a car door slam.

"Oh my God, its my husband! Get in the closet!" the wife exclaims.

The man jumps into the closet and shuts the door. Suddenly he hears a small voice in the dark with him...

"Its dark in here..."

"Who's there?" asks the startled man.

"I'm Little Johnny, and thats my mommy out there. Now i'm going to scream!" says the boy.

"Don't do that! Here, I'll give you 20 dollars to keep quiet!"

"I'm gonna scream..."

"50 dollars!"

"I'm gonna scream..."

"Here's 100 dollars, its all I have on me! Please be quiet!"

"Okay, I won't scream," says Little Johnny, pocketing the man's money.

The husband leaves shortly after and the man makes a hasty escape.

Later that day Little Johnny and his mother are out shopping. The boy says, "Mommy, I want to buy a bike."

"Bikes are expensive, dear."

"But I have 100 dollars!"

"Where did you get 100 dollars!?"

Little Johnny clams up and won't say a word, even though his mother grounds him and spanks him. Finally, she drags him into the church and tells the priest, "My son has 100 dollars and he won't tell me where he got it from. Maybe he'll talk to you."

The priest leads Little Johnny into the confessional and the boy says, "Its dark in here..."

The priest replies, "Now, don't you start that again!"

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