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Slyib's Joke Vault

Category: Little Johnny Jokes

Riding Bikes

It was the first day of school, and the first grade teacher was trying to get to know her students.

"What did you do this summer?" the teacher asked Suzie.

"Me and my family went to the beach," Suzie answered.

"That sounds like fun," said the teacher. "How about you, Emma? What did you do this summer?"

"Me and my family rode our bikes together."

"That sounds lovely," said the teacher. She continued with all her pupils until she got to Little Johnny in the back of the room.

"What did you do this summer, young man?"

"Nothing," replied Little Johnny.

"Did you do anything with your family?" the teacher asked, trying to draw him out.


"Did you go to the beach?"


"Did you ride bikes?"

"No, never!" Little Johnny burst out. "We can never ride bikes together!"

"Why not?" asked the shocked teacher.

"I don't know," explained Little Johnny, "but dad always says, when mom and sis start 'cycling together', it's time to get the hell out of town!"

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