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Slyib's Joke Vault

Little Johnny Jokes

Each of us has known a Little Johnny during our lives. You know: the kid who was a little more worldly-wise than the rest of us. The kid that you'd rather have as an ally than as an enemy. The one whose antics caused you to snort milk out of your nose at lunch, you were laughing so hard. To all the Little Johnnys out there, we dedicate these jokes to you. Enjoy!

- Slyib
  1. The Surprise

  2. Sunday School

  3. The Heavy Load

  4. It All Adds Up

  5. A Day at the Zoo

  6. The Pistol

  7. The Lengthy Sermon

  8. The Homework Assignment

  9. Study Habits

  10. Riding Bikes

  11. It's Dark in Here

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