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Slyib's Joke Vault

Category: Farmer Jokes

Who's the Jackass, Now?

Farmer Jones had a jackass, which he kept in a stable. The jackass' ears were so long that they hit the top of the door frame, causing the animal to viciously kick out at whomever was in the vicinty.

To lessen the stress on his beast of burden, Farmer Jones decided he would raise the height of the door frame.

He spent all day working with his saw, chisel, and found that it was taking longer than he thought to complete the task.

His wife stopped by to tell him that supper was ready. Seeing her husband struggling, she suggested:

"Dear, instead of lifting the door frame, wouldn't it be easier to simply dig out the ground under the doorway to make it deeper?"

"Dammit woman, don't be a jackass!" replied the irate husband, "It's his ears that are too long, not his legs!"

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